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.agency: the web address of an agency should also be impressive

The concept of “digital real estate” is one of the best expressions that explains what a domain name is. This asset you have in the digital world is your visible face. It opens the doors of interactive interaction with the people we want to communicate with, as required by the age we live in. Therefore, it is not correct to choose a different domain name than the brand or company name you have.

At this point, the most important problem that many people encounter is not being able to obtain a domain name with a .com extension that matches their brand. So, do we have to buy a domain name with a .com extension? I think, no. The important thing is to have an extension that is compatible with our brand and that will truly represent us. I think it’s more advantageous to have a descriptive extension that matches our brand, rather than having a .com extension that doesn’t match our brand.

Let’s consider advertising or branding agencies that help businesses communicate in the digital world. What do you think is the most suitable domain extension for a branding agency? Many extensions may be included to the list, but I think the most appropriate one would be the .agency extension. Although new extensions still have not reached the point they deserve, their usage rates are increasing day by day. Domain names with extensions that describe the line of business in which the brand operates have a more elegant and aesthetic appearance.

It is very difficult for an agency to find a suitable .com extension, especially if it has a generic brand or company name. Let’s take the domain name of an agency I came across a few days ago. The agency’s name is “Done”. As soon as we hear the name, we can guess that it probably does not have the domain Just imagine how many companies have the name “Done” all over the world. All of these companies probably wanted to have, but only one of them could own this domain name. This agency made a very smart domain name choice and determined as its own digital address. A very beautiful, stylish and memorable choice.

Among the various agencies I encountered in the digital world, let me write a few of them that chose .agency extension;,,, When you visit the websites of these agencies, you can see how well the .agency extension produces results if it completes with a nice logo.

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