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Clubhouse announces name change

Why did Clubhouse decide to change its name? Due to the common perception stemming from the title of this article, which occupies the minds of the majority who are reading this article right now…

Clubhouse, which provides project management services for software development teams, had been struggling with the difficulties arising from having the same name as the shining star of the last period, the voice chat application Clubhouse. The company found a way out of this situation by changing brand name and announced that it would change its name as Shortcut.

Kurt Schrader, one of the founders of the company and also its CEO, wrote an article on their current website, explaining the reasons for the name change in detail. Stating that the name Shortcut is catchy and fun, Schrader announced that the name change will take effect from the second week of September.

It has been seen that many people who want to use the voice chat application accidentally downloaded the project management application from the Apple Store and Google Play, then deleted this application from their phones and gave the application a low point on these stores. The fact that the project management company Clubhouse and its application were punished with low points by users, although it was not their fault, was just one of the problems they experienced (if they did not change the name, they would probably continue to experience it).

Visibility in the internet world is one of the indispensable elements of our age for companies. Considering that both companies carry on a business in the same (technology) sector, this fact becomes even more important. While the voice chat application company Clubhouse was using the domain name; the project management company Clubhouse that went through the name change, was using the domain name. The domain name, which is currently directed to that the company actively uses, will probably be the new domain name that the company will use. In this way, Clubhouse, the project management company that changed its name to Shortcut, will upgrade to .com domain extension.

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