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As You Want It “You Have It (Sendeo)”

The cargo company Aykargo, which was established with the cooperation of Aygaz and McKinsey, changed its name to Sendeo. Sendeo means “You Have It” in English.

Aykargo was a name that referred to Aygaz’s brand name and had the potential to use the power provided by this name. It was short, memorable, and even had a structure that would contain the messages required by this age at a time when we stepped into the space age (“Ay” means luna and kargo means “cargo” in English).

If consumers were asked for their opinion on whether to change such a brand name, the majority asked would probably vote not to change the name. But the name has changed. Taking into account this fact; the replaced name should be much better, right?

Right now, Let’s give the answer that we will give at the end. Yes, the name is much better. Are you asking its reason?

Because it contains a very important message that promises the customers to deliver the product safely. It repeats the brand name in the slogan it uses: “As You Want It You Have It (Sende O)”.

With its brand name, Sendeo assures its customers that it will deliver the product it carries. The Sendeo brand has a guarantee that it will not only deliver the product, but also deliver it safely on time and without any damage.

We sometimes say to the person we are talking to, “I have that job, don’t worry about it”, to give confidence. Here, too, the brand simply says, “You have it, don’t worry.”

It is not easy to convey the message of the brand along with the brand name. You can forward the message. But it is difficult to convey a message with such a short brand name. Among the brand names of the modern age, made-up names are widely used. When we hear the Sendeo brand name for the first time, there is a perception that it is a made-up name and may be a foreign brand name. But after a short pause, you realize that the brand name as a whole has a meaningful structure.

Hoping to increase the number of companies that can present the promise they offer to the consumers in a short, concise and successful way in their brand names…

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