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The advantages of using marketplaces in the sales process of domain names

Marketplaces offer various advantages for the investors who have the intent of selling their domain names. The first of these advantages is that the domain names can be accessed in keyword searches that are made in marketplaces. If you have not listed your domain name in any marketplace, you have to wait for buyers to reach your domain name by typing it in web browser. However, it’s important to remember that many buyers are in the habit of searching marketplaces for domain names that are available for purchase. The more marketplaces you list your domain names on, the better your chances of reaching buyers.

The second advantage offered by marketplaces is that you can benefit from their parking services. The parking pages contain many features motivating buyers to purchase. The sales type (Buy Now, Make Offer, Or Best Offer) you set in your marketplace account is displayed on the parking page. You can also have your contact information displayed on the parking page or chat online with the buyers, in case the marketplace offers this service.

The third advantage offered by some marketplaces is that various reminder messages to be sent to buyers who have previously interested in your domain name. For example, when you make a change in the sales type or price of your domain name, an informative message is sent to the buyers who have previously submitted an offer to this domain name. At the same time, in case a buyer adds your domain name to his/her domain watchlist, even if he/she has not already submitted an offer to your domain name, he/she is informed of any changes you make. Sending such kind of informative e-mails to buyers who are interested in your domain name is a very important marketing tool provided by marketplaces.

Using keyword watchlists is another useful advantage. Some buyers enter keywords into the watchlists in their accounts. When the domain names containing these keywords are added to the account of any seller, these buyers are informed by e-mail. Before starting to use any marketplace, it should be asked if they offer such kind of a watchlist service.

Marketplaces also serve as a secure trade intermediary between seller and buyer. Many buyers are hesitant to make the payment to the seller’s bank account without receiving the domain name. However, the presence of a marketplace as an intermediary is a comforting and encouraging factor in order the buyers to pay for the domain name.


P.S. This article written by Dr. Mustafa Kuruşçu has been published in different web sites before.

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